Bon Bon Cha

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Brewing bubble tea since 2016

Brewing bubble tea since 2016, Bon Bon Cha was born from the love of a father for his little girl who loves Bubble Tea. In his quest to get Bubble Tea of the best quality for his beloved daughter, he brewed Bon Bon Cha! That is how our story began!

Bubble tea lovers can now enjoy Bon Bon Cha in Perth thanks to a group of bubble tea lovers who fell in love at first “taste” of Bon Bon Cha. We can’t wait to share the wonderful taste and quality of this tea with you at our second outlet at Southlands Boulevarde.

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Indoor casual dining and take away.

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    • Monday 10:30am - 7pm
      Tuesday 10:30am - 7pm
      Wednesday 10:30am - 7pm
      Thursday 10:30am - 7pm
      Friday 10:30am - 7pm
      Saturday 10:30am - 5pm
      Sunday 11am - 5pm
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