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10:00am - 2:00pm

Put your construction skills to the test!

Sensational Stories is a series of engaging activities inspired by West Australian children’s books, designed to make learning as fun and interactive as possible. Our two activity zones focus on a key skill that will help your child get the most out of their learning environment. 

Littlelight - BOOK NOW

Kids are invited to rebuild the town of Littlelight. Don't forget to knock the town down at the end to explore the different and unusual, strange, offbeat and unfamiliar sounds and experiences this creates.

Where: Located near Flight Centre

When: 25 - 31 January 2021, click here to view available times and book in for a session today!

Cost: Free

Building the town of Littlelight is a brilliant Sensory play experience. What sounds did you hear? What do the building blocks feel like? What does your Littlelight town look like? Building with bricks also develops kids Gross Motor Skills. 

Sensory-rich activities provide our brain with a variety of inputs to create meaningful experiences that help to embed learning. Whether it's writing your name in sand or a science experiment in a lab, sensory activities provide enrichment for growing brains. Gross Motor Skills are simply moving our body in space, which helps us develop the physical skills that are required to perform everyday activities, like running, jumping and climbing.

This activity is recommended for kids aged 2+ years but everyone is welcome.




Southlands Boulevarde

Where to find us

Join the fun near Flight Centre


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